About us

Our company established in 2001 aimed presenting quality service / production to its customers with its experienced team.

By means of placing importance on quality, customerfocused activities, its supplier companies' support and technical equipments since its establishment, it has directed production by increasing its capacity constantly.

In the direction of its aims, our company leads new grounds in sector in a manner to serve as example to its sector. It has guided its activities and employees by giving weight to technical equipment and R&D subjects since our establishment.

Our company is increasing its product range and number of customers with perspective focused on quality and customer and it continues developing.

Having started the journey with principles respect to human and community, respect to environment, respect to production, respect to effort, on this very difficult and long path, our company has imaginary target to be the most prestigious and quality brand of the world in its sector.


To provide an understanding of an indispensable business approach in our sector with our customer-oriented approach. By combining our corporate development with individual development, we see all processes as a whole in a total quality approach and successfully implement a developing process with all units. To bring the name of our country to the top in the international markets in the coming period.


To bring our customers together with real quality with an understanding that regards quality as a beginning and not a result of production. In doing so, the fastest service with the most favorable price policies in accordance with market conditions.